Aher Consulting Group - custom services
Custom Services

Your healthcare organization is unique, and our team of professionals will develop custom solutions that are developed to meet your specific needs. Our custom services may include the development of reports, Medical Logic Modules, as well as other services, maintenance and performance assessments. Specialty Projects We have worked on various specialty projects and were able to set up new trends, processes and workflow for our clients. Some of those workflows were so thorough that vendors adopted those processes for all of their clients. Integration Projects

  • EHR Integration
  • Automated Medication Dispensing Integration
  • On Demand Medication Dispensing
  • IV Pump Integration
  • Patient information integration
  • Patient monitoring Device integration
  • Care planning device integration
  • Communication Device integration
  • Custom Integration
Best Practice Alert Optimization Mobile EHR Custom Programming While we are working on various projects, we are also here to help you build your own analytical tools, EHR-tabs and Web-pages for your clinical teams.